Sydinvests day-to-day management
Sydinvest is owned exclusively by unit-holders, who elect board members at the AGM. Steffen Ussing has been appointed by the board to handle the day-to-day management of Sydinvest.

Sydinvests primary objective is to make it easy and safe for Sydinvests unit-holders to obtain good returns on their savings, thereby creating the basis for a more rewarding life. In order to achieve our goal Mr. Ussing works in close cooperation with the board, which approves the overall investment strategy, Sydinvests competent staff, and the financial institutions which provide advisory services to our unit-holders. On a daily level Mr. Ussing's job at Sydinvest involves the establishment of new funds, overall investment strategy planning and external activities such as making speeches.

Steffen Ussing


Tlf. +45 7437 3301

Investor Relations

Investor Relations is responsible for all external communication with more than Sydinvest and Sydinvest unit-holders. The department is responsible for general marketing activities, the member magazine "Horisont" (only in Danish), and other external publications, websites, press contact and also organizes special events for unit-holders.

Moreover Investor Relations acts as a service and information provider to account managers of other Danish banks who advise unit-holders and customers on Sydinvest funds.

The department is also involved in product development as well as the monitoring of markets and competitors.

Tine Lund

Department director

Tlf. +45 7437 3317

Helle Philippsen


Tlf. +45 7437 3316

Mick Sommer

Institutional sales manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3325

Jesper Riisberg

Institutional sales manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3328

Anders Thrane

Senior communications advisor

Tlf. +45 7437 3368

Lars Gullits

Digital Marketing Consultant

Tlf. +45 7437 3326


Our investment activities constitute the core of Sydinvest
Our portfolio managers administer the many different funds within Danish and foreign bonds and equities offered by Sydinvest to its unit-holders. Activities range from formulation of overall strategy to daily portfolio reconciliation.

Portfolio management is subject to certain ground rules. Investments must be within specific risk limits defined by Sydinvest and comply with current legislation. Consequently each individual portfolio manager is also responsible for ensuring that these ground rules are observed.

Niels Skovvart

Fund director

Tlf. +45 7437 3323

Lars Bo Jensen

Senior portfolio manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3322

Nicolas Rasmussen

Senior portfolio manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3366

Thomas Andsbjerg Amelung

Senior portfolio manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3313


Accounting and auditing are among the main activities of this department. Sydinvest unit prices are fixed daily on the basis of individual fund NAVs. In order to calculate NAV each Sydinvest fund must prepare financial statements. Security is a key word with Sydinvest. Therefore we monitor that the legal requirements in relation to investments are complied with. We perform all activities in relation to the registration of the investment fund’s activities, including relations to Danish and foreign authorities.

Henrik Stockfleth

Department director

Tlf. +45 7437 3308

Kurt Kjeldsen

Head of Middle Office

Tlf. +45 7437 3318

Christian Kirk-Thomsen

Senior portfolio manager

Tlf. +45 7437 3306

Tina Nielsen

Accounting assi

Tlf. +45 7437 3324

Gitte Vind

Accounting assistant

Tlf. +45 7437 3321

Søren Thøstesen Jensen

BI specialist

Tlf. +45 7437 3304

Morten Nørskov-Jensen

Accounting controller

Tlf. +45 7437 3305

René Toft Kristiansen

Accounting manager

Tlf. +45 74373307

Legal and Risk Department

Legal Department handles all aspects concerning registration of the Investment Fund’s activities, including contact with Danish and foreign authorities. The department is responsible for general legal and legislative matters within investment law. Compliance Quality and assurance are keywords at Sydinvest and consequently we continuously monitor that all the Investment Fund’s investments comply with legislative requirements.

Thomas Carsten Clausen

Department director

Tlf. +45 7437 3370

Steffen Hach


Tlf. +45 7437 3309

Kristian Lyck Lorenzen


Tlf. +45 7437 3311